Why Us

Well equiped clinics

All our clinic locations are well-equipped with gyms and a wide range of equipment specific for therapy.

Strategic Locations

We have 3 locations for clinics for you to choose from, including one right in the CBD if you are working there!

We Speak Your Language

We have a team of qualified local therapists who can manage most conditions and speak your language and/or dialect.

Affordable Home Therapy

We provide dedicated home therapy with specialised and portable equipment at a reasonable rate.

Tailored to your environment

Home therapy sessions are designed with your home environment in mind. You won't have a situation where you cannot do the treatment because you don’t have the machines needed.

Diverse range of qualifications

Our therapists have a diverse range of qualifications and certifications from Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Convenient time and place

Too busy? Most clinics closed by the time you end work? Our therapist can see you at your own home after your work, there is no need to make a separate trip out to have therapy.
While we provide wide-ranging rehabilitation services in our acute hospitals, we need to do more to shift the gravity of care into the community so that patients can be cared for in an environment that they are familiar with
- Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Health (2017)

Go beyond rehab

Schedule your session with us, let's go beyond rehab!

Whether it's correction or prevention, willingness and perseverance is the key to your health.