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There is no cookie cutter approach to rehab. We understand that different people have different problems and needs. Our therapists are trained in different areas to give you the best and the most relevant therapy for your journey back to health and beyond.

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Pain relief for back or neck

Back to sports after injury

Heart and lungs therapy

Cancer Rehab

Assessment and relief of Spinning giddiness

Elderly care

Rehab after stroke

Management of Parkinson's

Therapy for Return to community

Corporate Services

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being; while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it
- Plato
  • Highly recommend! Sustained a muscle injury during exercise and could barely stand upright, and Jaden kindly attended to me in short notice. Physiotherapy was effective, and I managed to recover in a couple of days.
  • Shameera is a really knowledgable and committed physio. She takes pride in doing her job well, making sure her clients unique problems are solved. She also goes out of her way to help her clients during non-work hours. Overall she is a great physiotherapist to work with. She is cheerful and great to be around.
  • After starting on my rehab with Jaden and Daniel, my knee pain has significantly been reduced. Besides my knee problem, Daniel has also worked with me to strengthen my overall body strength and flexibility to ensure that future problems of the same nature don't occur again! I would recommend their services to people who either are looking at recovery or simply to just get in shape, be it for health or to prevent future injuries!
  • I consulted Dr Jaden Lim for my tennis elbow and planta fascitis after the AIM seminar. He is very effective because he identify exactly what the source of the problems are (not all tennis elbow issues are the same). His recommended stretching are effective in relieving and improving my flexibility and strength. His videos are comprehensive and well explained. Thanks Dr Lim.
  • My dentist recommended me to see Jaden when he knew about my ankle fracture surgery. Jaden used a unique approach to optimise my recovery. At the early stage of my rehab, he used high tech red light therapy to speed up my healing. When my surgeon allowed me to put more weight on my ankle, we started exercising in the swimming pool. I believe this allowed me to start exercising earlier with less pressure on my ankle. Fast-forward to today, I'm able to bring my kids to walk the Jurassic Mile and climb stairs in my workplace with no issues.
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Whether it's correction or prevention, willingness and perseverance is the key to your health.


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