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There is no cookie cutter approach to rehab. We understand that different people have different problems and needs. Our therapists are trained in different areas to give you the best and the most relevant therapy for your journey back to health and beyond.

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Pain relief for back or neck

Back to sports after injury

Heart and lungs therapy

Cancer Rehab

Assessment and relief of Spinning giddiness

Elderly care

Rehab after stroke

Management of Parkinson's

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Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being; while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it
- Plato
  • I got my back injured from an online virtual pilates training without sufficient warm up and was recommended by GP doctor to go for physiotherapy. After google search, I chose Rehab & Beyond because it was one of 25 best physiotherapy clinics in Singapore which is cost effective and focusing on getting patients back to regular movement through exercises. Jaden as the physiotherapist is not only very responsitive before the official initial consultation but also very professional throughout my treatment sessions. Now I am back to my normal exercise routines and really appreciate the treatment sessions with Jaden and his intern Joshua!
  • I am very blessed to have Shameera as my physiotherapist to kickstart my recovery and strengthening process. I suffered for a few months, pains in both knees and in my right Achilles heel after running too much during CB. Under her careful assessment, guidance and advice, I was able to regain mobility and identify my weak areas to work on. She is also a dry needling therapist, which helped a lot in my recovery. I wish I had gone for physio sooner.
  • Happy Lunar New Year Dr Jaden and Coach Daniel! Thank you for everything for the past 1 month or so and I have been doing all the rehab exercises that Dr Jaden taught me and shoulder exercises that Coach Daniel taught me. My shoulders are well now and expect to return to the gym next week. My orthopaedic specialist gave me a timeframe of 6-8 weeks for healing but by week 4/5, there is already little to no pain and I could do bench presses at my working weights before I got injured. I believed that both Dr Jaden and Coach Daniel have played a huge part in my fast recovery and I truly appreciate it 😊✌🏻
  • Jaden helped tremendously with my carpal tunnel syndrome. He is very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. He was able to accurately diagnose the cause of my carpal tunnel over a zoom call, and was always willing to accommodate his schedule for house visits. I saw great improvements in my condition after only 3 sessions. Will definitely recommend him to my friends.
  • Rehab&Beyond has been helping with my physiotherapy needs for a couple of months under the supervision of Jaden and his team. Their concept of rehabilitation goes further than that in the sense that they will enable you to become a better and stronger you even beyond your recovery phase. I have benefitted much from the treatment process and would not hesitate to recommend for physiotherapy needs.
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