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There is no cookie cutter approach to rehab. We understand that different people have different problems and needs. Our therapists are trained in different areas to give you the best and the most relevant therapy for your journey back to health and beyond.

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Pain relief for back or neck

Back to sports after injury

Heart and lungs therapy

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Assessment and relief of Spinning giddiness

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Rehab after stroke

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Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being; while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it
- Plato
  • I had an ache on my shoulder, and was recommended to Jaden via my friend. After a phone call with Jaden an appointment was made for the next day in the morning (Christmas Eve!). The whole experience was very smooth and at my session I was introduced to exercises to incorporate into my routine and also encouraged to work on it regularly, and that has helped me a lot since I have not gotten these aches since. Jaden has also been so personable in his service, following up and introducing me to more exercises, which is really awesome. Thank you Jaden!
  • Jayden was recommended to me via my surgeon. I went through a 3 month therapy for my neck injury. After the surgery, there was a lot of pain at the back of my neck and across the shoulders. With the physiotheraphy I managed to recover fully after about 3 months and my shoulders no longer hurt. My neck is now better than before. During my recovery, my husband had a slip disc again. His spine was misaligned. I asked Jayden if he could help my husband to get rid of the pain. Jayden did not hesistate and spent 15 mins to straighten his spine and it worked. My husband could move freely again. After my neck surgery I went to do an injection for my right knee. It was making noises whenever I bent my knee. After a couple of Months of physio with Jayden I managed to get rid of that noise or twitching whenever I bent my knees. There is still some discomfort but it is much better than before when I could not even squat or bend my knee. So whenever I feel discomfort in the knee I do the exercises he taught me to reduce the discomfort.
  • Highly recommend! Sustained a muscle injury during exercise and could barely stand upright, and Jaden kindly attended to me in short notice. Physiotherapy was effective, and I managed to recover in a couple of days.
  • Totally recommend it!! Have been suffering from neck pain and muscle spasms for last one year. Nothing seemed to help. However 4 session with Jaden has subsided the pain and the muscle spasms are gone.
  • Shameera is a really knowledgable and committed physio. She takes pride in doing her job well, making sure her clients unique problems are solved. She also goes out of her way to help her clients during non-work hours. Overall she is a great physiotherapist to work with. She is cheerful and great to be around.
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